Academic Sections: Subtopics Overview

Biological Sciences programs at UC San Diego cover a wide spectrum of research interests. These subdisciplines are organized under four department-like Academic Sections.

Cell & Developmental Biology

Ecology, Behavior & Evolution

  • Behavioral Ecology

    The study of the ecological and evolutionary causes of animal behavior
  • Ecology

    The study of relationships between organisms and their environments
  • Global Environmental Change

    The study of evolutionary and ecological factors that determine how species and ecosystems respond to a changing environment
  • Organismal Evolution

    The study of processes and patterns involved in the origin, descent, modification, and diversity of species
  • Evolutionary Systems Biology

    The study of the rich interactions between biological molecules, cells,and individuals
  • Marine Biology

    The study of the ecological and evolutionary processes and anthropogenic effects in marine organisms

Molecular Biology

  • Cancer Biology

    Cancer is a group of diseases affecting various organs of the human body
  • Gene Regulation

    The proper regulation of gene expression is essential for the growth, development, and survival of organisms
  • Immunology

    The immune system is continuously adapting to defend the host against invading pathogens
  • Microbiology

    Microbiology includes the study of a huge variety of microscopic organisms that come from all three domains of life
  • RNA Biology

    The primary product of the genes of our genome is RNA
  • Quantitative Biology

    Over the past decade, scientists and engineers have begun to define the path forward in the genomic era