The Eureka! Scholars Program

Eureka Scholars 2019

2019 Eureka! Scholars and Julia Brown Scholars

The Eureka! Scholars Program offers a highly competitive summer research experience for some of our most promising undergraduate Biology students. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, Eureka! Scholars conduct leading-edge research in life science labs. This impactful, hands-on summer experience greatly complements students' academic learning and jumpstarts their role as budding scientists.

Make a Difference

Eureka! Scholarships are possible only with the generous support of alumni, donors and friends. The scholarship provides funding for students to cover basic living expenses over the summer so that they can spend their time gaining real-world experience in the laboratory.

You can support one Eureka! Scholar with a gift of $5,000. Or, a gift of $10,000 supports two Eureka! Scholars, and so on. Gifts of all sizes can be pooled together to provide scholarship support, so every contribution truly makes a difference.

Meet our Scholars

2019 Eureka! Scholars

  • Adriana Aguilar-Maldonado, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Julia Asay, Molecular Biology
  • Elizabeth A. Brown, General Biology
  • Bryant Cao, Human Biology and Public Health
  • Jaideep Chakladar, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Diana De La Toba, Human Biology
  • Daryl Dorsey, Human Biology
  • Kian Faizi, Molecular Biology
  • Elijah Garcia, Human Biology
  • John Samson Girardini, Physiology & Neuroscience
  • Andrew Jespersen, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Kyle Kim, Molecular Biology
  • Eli Lawrence, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Irene Mai, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Emily Paris, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
  • Christine Peng, Human Biology
  • Anthony Quach, Human Biology
  • Lily W. Quach, Physiology & Neuroscience
  • Salma Sheriff, Human Biology
  • Margaret Sten, Physiology & Neuroscience
  • Nathaniel Tsai, Molecular Biology
  • Joseph Tsai, Molecular Biology
  • Sheng-Hwa Wang, Human Biology
  • Li Wang, Human Biology
  • Bar Yosef, Neurobiology

Springboard Eureka! Hong Kong Scholars

  • Anu Chaparala, General Biology
  • Ryan Park, Biology with Specialization Bioinformatics

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Current students can find out more information about applying for a Eureka! Scholarship.