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Jeffrey Long

Jeffrey Long

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Section of Cell and Developmental Biology, UCSD
Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory,
The Salk Institute

e-mail: long@salk.edu
Salk Institute Web Page

      My laboratory is currently dissecting several pathways that relate to early embryonic decisions in plants.  We work on several pathways that regulate the specification and maintenance of the embryonic stem cell populations of the shoot and the root.  We are also trying to uncover the molecules and mechanisms that specify embryonic and lateral organ polarity.  We use a combination of genetics, genomics, biochemistry, and microscopy to address these questions and have uncovered several transcriptional cascades necessary for proper plant development.  We have also found that several chromatin modifying enzymes play key roles in plant development and are attempting to tease apart their specific functions.

figure 1

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